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Clear-Com Communication System CLCM-RS-701 Single-Channel Standard Beltpack

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SKU: TCNCD337872

Encore single-channel standard beltpack. Four-pin male headset connector and three-pin female/male loop through intercom line connectors.The new RS-700 Series beltpacks are designed to be rugged and reliable to withstand the most challenging production environments. The construction of the units was based on Clear-Com's popular RS-500 Series beltpacks, which have an ergonomic and strong enclosure. Despite their tough exterior, the RS-700 units have a comfortable contour design that can be worn all day. The RS-701 is a single channel beltpack, equipped with an XLR-3 line connector that serves the needs of all users, be it first timers or experienced professionals. It combines high headroom with low-noise audio to bear the exclusive, crystal-clear"Clear-Com Sound" that is familiar to users around the world. Swappable microphone options and built-in limiters in the headsets support a pristine sound. The beltpack's wide dynamic range and audio contouring enable intelligible voice communication for every audio level, from a whisper to a shout. All 700 Series beltpacks feature recessed rotary volume controls as well as Talk and Call keys that are guarded against accidental activation. An LED off mode is obtainable for instances when the user requires complete darkness. For these situations, the switches are placed in convenient locations for ease of use. A concealed DIP switch on the back of the beltpack affords the capability to select audio and key options quickly and easily. This includes switching between electret or dynamic headset microphone options and setting a minimum or off level for headphone input and microphone output.

Call with talk operation and latch or non-latch keying are also obtainable. These features assure that individual users have an ideal setup for each situation. Electrically, the entire 700 Series requires a lower operating current for additional beltpack drops. Moreover, the beltpacks are built to be fully compatible with all Clear-Com legacy partyline systems and are protected against damage from accidental connection to other XLR-3 equipped digital systems, such as HelixNet.Live broadcasting is about bearing the highest quality programming, instantly and on cue. As viewers' expectations of broadcasting change, your production communication becomes increasingly more critical - there is no second take. Managing a busy broadcast schedule requires coordination between the newsroom, production control room, electronic news gathering area, master control and studio, and mobile units, making reliable communications a must. Clear-Com has the industry experience, knowledge, and intercom systems to help you make this possible.THE CLEAR-COM CONCEPTClear-Com is a closed-circuit intercom system that consistently provides high-clarity communication in high-noise and low-noise environments. A basic system consists of a single- or multi-channel power supply or main station connected to various single- or multi-channel remote stations, such as beltpacks and loudspeaker stations. Clear-Com manufactures a wide variety of both portable and fixed-installation units. All are compatible with each other. Clear-Com intercom systems can also interface with other communication systems and devices. This item is just one component of a larger system.

  • Microphone to Line (without limiter acting) Frequency Response: 280 - 15k Hz ± 3dB
  • Microphone Output to Line - Audio Level (-50dBm Electret input): -9dBm
  • Microphone Output to Line - Signal to Noise: >65dB
  • Frequency Response - Line to Headphone: 150 - 20k Hz ± 3dB
  • Headphone Input from Line - Audio Level (-9dBm Electret input): 3.5dBm
  • Headphone Input from Line - Signal to Noise: >50dB
  • Earphone to Mic - Crosstalk: >80dB
  • Power: Green LED
  • Talk: Green LED
  • Intercom Line: (2) 3-pin XLR-M-F
  • Headset: 4-pin XLR-M
  • Operating Temp Range: 0°C - 70°C (32°F - 158°F)
  • Storage Temp Range: 0°C - 70°C (32°F - 158°F)
  • Weight: 1 lbs
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