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PCI Brand New Compatible Lanier 480-0068 Black Toner Ctg 6-PK 66K Yld for LD330 LD425B LD433 LD433SP Made in USA

MSRP: $114.99
Availability: In stock
SKU: SY2710694
PCI Brand 480-0068PCI New Build Compatible Replacement for Lanier 480-0068 Black Laser Toner Cartridge - Quality Manufactured in the United States. 66000 Page Average Yield @ 5% Coverage. For use in the Lanier 2732 Lanier 5622 Lanier 5627 Lanier 5632 Lanier LD122 Lanier LD122SP Lanier LD127 Lanier LD132 Lanier LD230 Lanier LD325 Lanier LD325SP Lanier LD330 Lanier LD330SP Lanier LD425B Lanier LD425SP Lanier LD433 Lanier LD433B Lanier LD433SP Gestetner 2212 Gestetner 2712 Gestetner 3212 Gestetner DSM622 Gestetner DSM622SP Gestetner DSM627 Gestetner DSM627SP Gestetner DSM725E Gestetner DSM725EP Gestetner DSM725ESP Gestetner DSM725ESPF Gestetner DSM725ESPI Gestetner DSM725P Gestetner DSM730 Gestetner DSM730E Gestetner DSM730EP Gestetner DSM730ESP Gestetner DSM730ESPF Gestetner DSM730ESPI Gestetner DSM730P Gestetner MP2550 Gestetner MP2550B Gestetner MP2550SP Gestetner MP2851 Gestetner MP3350 Gestetner MP3350B Gestetner MP3350SP Gestetner MP3351 Lanier 5622 Lanier 5627 Lanier 5632 Lanier LD-122 Lanier LD-122SP Lanier LD-127 Lanier LD-225 Lanier LD-230 Lanier LD-325 Lanier LD-325SP Lanier LD-330 Lanier LD-330SP Lanier LD-425B Lanier LD-425SP Lanier LD-433B Lanier LD-433SP Lanier LD-528 Lanier LD-533 Lanier MP-2352SP Lanier MP-2852 Lanier MP-2852SP Lanier MP-3352 Lanier MP-3352SP Nashuatec 2705 Nashuatec D2205 Nashuatec D2705 Nashuatec D3205 Nashuatec MP2550 Nashuatec MP2550B Nashuatec MP3350 Nashuatec MP3350B Ricoh Aficio 1022 Ricoh Aficio 1027 Ricoh Aficio 1032 Ricoh Aficio 2022 Ricoh Aficio 2027 Ricoh Aficio 2032 Ricoh Aficio 3025 Ricoh Aficio 3025P Ricoh Aficio 3025SP Ricoh Aficio 3025SPF Ricoh Aficio 3025SPI Ricoh Aficio 3030 Ricoh Aficio 3030P Ricoh Aficio 3030SP Ricoh Aficio 3030SPF Ricoh Aficio 3030SPI Ricoh Aficio MP2352SP Ricoh Aficio MP2510 Ricoh Aficio MP2510P Ricoh Aficio MP2510PF Ricoh Aficio MP2510SP Ricoh Aficio MP2510SPF Ricoh Aficio MP2510SPI Ricoh Aficio MP2550 Ricoh Aficio MP2550B Ricoh Aficio MP2550SP Ricoh Aficio MP2550SPF Ricoh Aficio MP2851 Ricoh Aficio MP2852 Ricoh Aficio MP2852SP Ricoh Aficio MP3010 Ricoh Aficio MP3010P Ricoh Aficio MP3010SP Ricoh Aficio MP3010SPF Ricoh Aficio MP3010SPFI Ricoh Aficio MP3010SPI Ricoh Aficio MP3350 Ricoh Aficio MP3350B Ricoh Aficio MP3350SP Ricoh Aficio MP3350SPF Ricoh Aficio MP3351 Ricoh Aficio MP3352 Ricoh Aficio MP3352SP Savin 2522 Savin 2527 Savin 4022 Savin 4022SP Savin 4027 Savin 4027SP Savin 8025 Savin 8025E Savin 8025EP Savin 8025ESP Savin 8025ESPF Savin 8025ESPI Savin 8030 Savin 8030E Savin 8030EP Savin 8030ESP Savin 8030ESPF Savin 8030ESPI Savin 9025B Savin 9025SP Savin 9025SPF Savin 9033B Savin 9033SP Savin MP2352SP Savin MP2852 Savin MP2852SP Savin MP3352 Savin MP3352SP. Why Are Customers So Loyal and Insist On PCI Brand Year After Year? Simple PCI Brand Consistently Delivers Top Shelf Quality USA Print Cartridges Build To Meet Or Exceed Original Performance and Specifications. Every PCI Brand Product is 100% Backed By the Premium Promise USA Factory Direct Warranty. When Crystal Clear Quality Matters Every Time - Make PCI Brand Your First Choice Every Time.
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
MPN 480-0068PCI
Color Green