AAMP of America SNI-1-3.5 Noise Filter

AAMP of America SNI-1-3.5 Noise Filter
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Manufacturer Part #: SNI-1/3.5
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Size: 3.5mm

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PAC's SNI-1/3.5 preamp noise filter plugs in between your receiver's auxiliary input and your portable music player to help reduce noise caused by a ground loop. The filter includes a female 3.5mm input, a male 3.5mm output, and 10 inches of cable for each jack.
  • This noise filter is great for eliminating ground loop noise between an auxiliary source and radio.
  • Frequency Response: This noise filter has close to perfect frequency response of +/- .03 dB from 20-20kHz.
  • Gain: Unlike other manufactures that use 1:1 transformers, PAC utilizes proprietary audio transformers for a 1.3 dB gain to compensate for any signal loss that may occur due to additional connections in the signal path.