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Fotodiox RhinoCam-Mount-M645 Mamiya 645 Mount Lens Adapter for Vizelex RhinoCam MILC Systems - Adapter Only

MSRP: $39.34
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer: Fotodiox

This adapter will allow all Mamiya 645 (M645) Mount Lenses to fit onto the VIZELEX RhinoCam system. The VIZELEX RhinoCam system is is required for use.

The RhinoCam is a camera system that, for the first time in the digital age, puts the power of a full-size 645 medium format back into the hands of virtually any photographer. Utilizing the mirrorless camera sensor, RhinoCam enables photographers at any level to capture the dramatic detail and sharpness only with a sensor three times larger than even a high-end full-frame 35mm sensor. The first release from Fotodiox new Vizelex line of premium high-end camera systems and adapaters, the RhinoCam delivers stunning 140+ megapixel images while offering photographers their choice of low-cost sensor and classic lenses.

Capable of creating the dramatic panoramic and full 645 medium format images previously reserved for photographers working with expensive medium format back cameras, RhinoCam is ideal for landscape, commercial and architectural photographers seeking remarkably high resolution at a fraction of the cost. Via an interchangeable lens mount, RhinoCam couples either a Pentax 645, Mamiya 645, or Hasselblad V medium format lens with a mirrorless camera. The built-in composition screen enables photographers to preview the composed shot. The lens remains firmly in place while the RhinoCam moving platform positions the sensor for multiple precisely-positioned exposures. RhinoCam also mounts directly onto a 4x5 board to open up additional possibilities with wider angle lenses, tilt shifts, bellows systems and more.

After the capture process, it takes seconds to merge the multiple exposures into one larger images using automated stitching functionality built into recent versions of Adobe Photoshop and other software offerings. RhinoCam images are finalized using the more accurate flat stitching method, avoiding the perspective errors and curvilinear distortion present in images joined via spherical stitching often found with motorized systems that move both camera body and lens. The result is a panorama or 645 medium format photograph that is well over four times the normal resolution of a high-end full-frame 35mm camera sensor. The finished result using a Sony NEX-7, as an example, is a 140+ megapixel image with incredible detail and sharpness.

  • Compact and lightweight construction ideal for backpack photographers who would otherwise need to transport much heavier gear to photograph large vistas
  • Connects a low cost camera sensor with a medium format lens for astonishing medium format photography at a fraction of the normal price
  • Preview the composed image before taking the first shot with the built in Composition Screen
  • Mount a modern camera sensor onto 4x5 equipment using the RhinoCam system
  • Multiple exposures are in a linear array, perfect for flat-stitching to reduce distortion errors inherent in spherical stitching
  • When the user upgrades their camera, the RhinoCam delivers even higher quality pictures
  • Handle: Rhinocam-Mount-M645
  • Lens Mount: Mamiya 645 (M645) Mount Lens adapter for VIZELEX RhinoCam MILC Systems (Sony E-Mount, Fujifilm X-Mount, Canon EF-M Mount versions) - Adapter Only
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Weight: 227 g
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
MPN RhinoCam-Mount-M645
Size 227 g