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Dynamic Lamps 52557-BOP Epson ELPLP78 Philips Projector Bare Lamp

MSRP: $162.99
Availability: In stock

Epson ELPLP78 Philips Projector Bare Lamp

We have a large selection of Rear Projection TV Lamps, Front Projector Lamps, DLP Chips, Medical & Veterinary Lamps, Stage & Studio Bulbs, as well as many other types of lighting.

  • Exceptional designs and illumination
  • Beautiful decoration capability feature
  • High quality products with innovative and creative designs
  • ELPLP78, ELP-LP78, V11H552021, V13H010L78
  • CB-X03, CB-X03, EB-940, EB 940, EB940, EB-945, EB 945, EB945, EB-950W, EB 950W, EB950W, EB-950WV, EB-950WV, EB-955W, EB 955W, EB 955WH, EB955W, EB955WH, EB-965, EB 965, EB 965H, EB965, EB965H, EB-97, EB 97, EB 97H, EB97, EB97H, EB-98, EB 98, EB 98H, EB98, EB98H, EB-995W, EB-995W, EB-S03, EBS03, EBX03, EB-S04, EB S04, EB-S04, EBS04, EB-S120, EB S120, EBS120, EB-S17, EBS17, EB-S18, EB-S18+, EBS18, EBS18+, EBSXW18, EBW18, EBX18, S18, S18+, EB-S200, EB S200, EBS200, EB-SXW03, EBSXW03, EB-SXW18, EB-SXW18, EB-U32, EB U32, EBU32, EB-W03, EB W03, EBW03, EB-W120, EB W120, EBW120, EB-W17, EB W17, EBW17, EB-W18, EB-W18, EB-W22, EBW22, EB-W28, EBW28, EB-X03, EB-X03, EB-X120, EB X120, EBX120, EB-X17, EB X17, EBX17, EB-X18, EB-X18, EB-X18+, EB-X18+, EB-X20, EBX20, EB-X200, EB X200, EBX200, EB-X24, EB X24, EB-X24, EBX24, EB-X25, EB X25, EBX25, EH-TW410, EH TW410, EHTW410, EH-TW490, EH TW490, EH-TW490, EHTW490, EH-TW5100, EH TW5100, EHTW5100, EH-TW5200, EH TW5200, EH-TW5200, EHTW5200, EH-TW570, EH 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PowerliteW18+, W24+, Powerlite W24+, PowerliteW24+, W42+, W42+, X05+, X05+, X24+, Powerlite X24+, PowerliteX24+, X41+, X41+
  • Weight: 1 lbs
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MPN 52557-BOP