Battery Biz AA-C14 Hi-Capacity Laptop AC Adapter

Battery Biz AA-C14 Hi-Capacity Laptop AC Adapter
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Hi-Capacity 15 TO 24 Volt 75 Watt Laptop Auto/Air Adapter for Acer Aspire 3002WLCi Acer Aspire 3003 Acer Aspire 3003LCi Acer Aspire 3003WLCi Acer Aspire 3004 Acer Aspire 3005 Acer Aspire 3009 Acer Aspire 5002 Acer Aspire 5003 Acer Aspire 5672 Advent 7240 Advent DVD7365 L7200 Allegro 6/C300 Asus A3 series Asus A3000 series Asus A3000E Asus A3000G Asus A3000L Asus A3000N Asus A3E Asus A3G Asus A3L Asus A3N Asus F7000 Asus Grandio F7400 Asus L5 Asus L5000 Asus L5000C Asus L5000D Asus L5000G Asus L5800C Asus L5800DF Asus L5800GA Asus L5800GM Asus L5800GX Asus L5900 Asus L5C Asus L5D Asus L5G Asus L7000 Asus L7000C Asus L7200 Asus L7300 Asus L8400C-800C Asus L8400C-800D Asus L8400K Asus Z91 Asus Z9100 Series Asus Z9100E Asus Z9100ER Asus Z9100G Asus Z9100L Asus Z9100N Asus Z91E Asus Z91ER Asus Z91G Asus Z91L Asus Z91N BTI OEM Batteries Chem USA ChemBook 7200 Armada 110 Armada 110S Armada E500 Armada E500s Armada E700 Armada M300 Armada M700 Armada V300 Business Notebook NC4000 Business Notebook NC4010 Business Notebook NC4200 Business Notebook NC6000 Business Notebook NC6100 Business Notebook NC6120 Business Notebook NC6125 Business Notebook NC6200 Business Notebook NC6220 Business Notebook NC6230 Business Notebook NC6325 Business Notebook NC8000 Business Notebook NC8200 Business Notebook NC8230 Business Notebook NW8000 Business Notebook NW8200 Business Notebook NW8240 Business Notebook NX4800 Business Notebook NX5000 Business Notebook NX6110 Business Notebook NX6120 Business Notebook NX6125 Business Notebook NX6130 Business Notebook NX7000 Business Notebook NX7000 series Business Notebook NX7010 Business Notebook NX7100 Business Notebook NX7300 Business Notebook NX8200 Business Notebook NX8220 Business Notebook NX9020 Business Notebook NX9030 Business Notebook NX9040 Evo N110 Evo N150 Evo N200 Evo N400c Evo N410c Evo N600 Evo N600c Evo N610c Evo N620c Evo N800 Evo N800 series Evo N800c Evo N800v Evo N800w NX9020 Presario 2200 Presario 2201 Presario 2204US Presario 2210CA Presario 2210US Presario 2227US Presario 2231AP Presario 2231US Presario 2800 Presario 2800 series Presario 2800CA Presario 2800T Presario 2800US Presario 2801CL Presario 2805US Presario 2811CL Presario B1801TU Presario B1802TU Presario B1803TU Presario B1804TU Presario B1805TU Presario B1806TU Presario B1807TU Presario B1808TU Presario B1809TU Presario B1810TU Presario B1811TU Presario B1812TU Presario B1813TU Presario B1814TU Presario B1815TU Presario B1816TU Presario B1817TU Presario B1818TU Presario B1819TU Presario B1820TU Presario B2801TX Presario B2802TX Presario B2803TX Presario B2804TX Presario B2805TX Presario B2806TX Presario B2807TX Presario B2808TX Presario B2809TX Presario B2810TX Presario B2811TX Presario B2812TX Presario B2813TX Presario B2814TX Presario B2815TX Presario B2816TX Presario B2817TX Presario B2818TX Presario B2819TX Presario B2820TX Presario C302NR Presario C303NR Presario C304NR Presario C306US Presario C501 Presario C502 Presario C502US Presario C551NR Presario C552US Presario C555NR Presario F557US Presario F572US Presario M2000 series Presario M2005 Presario M2007 Presario M2010 Presario M2105US Presario M2108 Presario M2305 Presario M2401 Presario V2000 series Presario V2000Z Presario V2010US Presario V2030US Presario V2100 Presario V2110CA Presario V2110F Presario V2140CA Presario V2140F Presario V2140US Presario V2205 Presario V2210CA Presario V2