AIMS Power PICOGLF40W48V240VS 4000W Pure Sine Power Inverter Charger

AIMS Power PICOGLF40W48V240VS 4000W Pure Sine Power Inverter Charger
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Manufacturer Part #: PICOGLF40W48V240VS
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Size: 7.10" H x 8.74" W x 23.5" L

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The aims pure sine wave inverter charger with built-in transfer switch and battery charger is your solution for backup or off grid power solutions. This inverter is split-phase and will output 110/120 or 220/230/240vac, and operates at 50 or 60hz via the sw4 dipswitch on the dc side of the product. This means that this inverter works internationally and is operable with nearly any electrical system on the planet. The 110/120/220/240 split phase inverter is capable of producing 2 legs of 110v, making this inverter perfect for home and shop applications with a 220 panel in place. The inverter is also built to withstand reasonable heat and temperature fluctuations because of its over-temperature protection and dual thermally-controlled fans and it’s protected from humidity or airborne dust and dirt by virtue of its marine-coated boards. This inverter provides reliable power needed in any rv, boat, camping, business or residential emergency backup power application and built with a 48 volt dc input for more efficiency.

  • 12000 watt surge for 20 seconds 300% surge capability
  • Battery priority selector
  • Terminal block
  • Marine coated and protected
  • Auto frequency
  • 10msec typical transfer time, 7 battery type settings for charger
  • 25w power save mode
  • Power: 4000W
  • Surge Rating: 12000W
  • Output: 110/120/220/240V AC, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Nominal Efficiency: >88%
  • Line Mode Efficiency: >95%
  • Output Frequency: 50 +/- 0.3 Hz & 60 +/- 0.3 Hz
  • Typical Transfer Time: 10 ms (max)
  • Nominal Input Voltage: 48V DC
  • Minimum Start Voltage: 44V DC
  • Low Battery Alarm: 42-44V DC
  • Low Battery Trip: 40-42V DC
  • High Voltage Alarm: 64V DC
  • Low Battery Voltage Restart: 62V DC
  • Idle Consumption: 1.67A DC
  • Power Saver Mode Idle Consumption: <.83A DC
  • Charger Rate: 40A
  • Over Charge Protection Shutdown: 62.8V
  • Dimension: 7.10" H x 8.74" W x 23.5" L
  • Weight: 67 lbs